The most modern air freighter fleet in Europe

There are a number of outstanding cargo aircraft to choose from. For AeroLogic, capacity, range, fuel consumption, environmental friendliness and of course, market availability were the crucial considerations. After an extensive review of its needs and requirements, AeroLogic opted 2007 for the Boeing 777F. With its ultramodern technology, it is not only reliable and cost-efficient but has also low-maintenance and low-emission. This plane is unique in its ability to carry a full cargo load of more than 100t non-stop over a range of about 9,000 km. Moreover, the Boeing 777F requires 20 percent less fuel than the Boeing 747-400F and is one of the most quiet airplane of its class.


The current AeroLogic fleet comprises ten Boeing 777F.


Wing span:64,8 m
Length:63,7 m
Max Fuel:145 tons
Max Payload:106 tons
Max Landing Weight:261 tons
Max Take Off Weight:347 tons
Engine:General Electric GE 90-110B1L
Loading Positions:27 Main Deck Positions (AMX),
32 Lower Deck Positions (LD3)